Dyson College Institute for Sustainability and the Environment

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Follow these steps:


Attend a Meeting

Prior to submitting your RFP, attend DCISE’s monthly meeting to give a brief explanation of your proposal.

DCISE meets the first Wednesday of every month. Email Sam Miller at smiller3@pace.edu to be added to the agenda.


Find a Co-Sponsor

While attending this meeting, ask one of our directors to serve as a co-sponsor for your proposal. This person will help ensure your proposal fits DCISE’s strategic plan and will act as your contact throughout the project.


Submit your RFP

Click the button to submit your proposal.


Wait for Approval/Next Steps

DCISE’s team will discuss all RFP’s and will follow up with any questions and next steps.


Our Vision

To ensure a well-informed citizenry committed to the protection of the human and natural resources on which all communities depend.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide teaching, training, and research that mobilizes the resources of Pace University to advance environmental knowledge, ecosystem protection, and smart decision-making in the New York Metropolitan and Hudson Valley regions, with a special emphasis on the just development of healthy and diverse communities.

We achieve this through:

1. Supporting applied research in conservation, sustainability, and environmental policy and justice in urban and suburban areas.

2. Providing experiential and place-based educational opportunities for students of all backgrounds, degrees, and academic levels.

3. Fostering collaboration with external partners through training and leadership.

Our Resources

DCISE consists of both physical and intellectual resources.  While the physical resources are currently concentrated on the Pleasantville campus, the intellectual resources are located on both campuses.

Physical Resources

  • Environmental laboratories at Pleasantville and NYC
  • Environmental Classroom (seating for 30)
  • Outdoor pavilion (reserve via 25Live)
  • Organic gardens at Pleasantville and NYC
  • Workshop
  • Barn
  • 50-acre forest
  • Various meadows, streams, and wetlands
  • Choate Pond
  • Stormwater Pond
  • Pollinator gardens
  • Interpretive nature trail
  • Hiking trails

Intellectual Resources

Faculty expertise in plant ecology, wildlife, ecosystems, water quality, climate change, environmental justice, environmental policy, sustainability, sustainable agriculture, geographic information systems (GIS), and statistics.

Connections to and collaborations with myriad environmental organizations throughout the Hudson Valley and NY metropolitan areas. These relationships can provide opportunities for course projects, research, community service, and internships.


Our Staff

Michelle D. Land, JD

Michelle D. Land, JD

Director of Academics and Programs

Michael Rubbo, PhD

Michael Rubbo, PhD

Director of Research and Community Engagement

Angelo Spillo

Angelo Spillo

Director of Operations and Co-Curricular Enrichment

Samantha Miller

Samantha Miller

Program Manager

Michael Finewood, PhD

Michael Finewood, PhD

Chair of Environmental Studies and Science Department